Pediatric Dentist

Why Us?

Pediatric dentist - Dr. Toni ChenFor parents, the single most important thing is to find a pediatric dentist that perfectly suits your needs and your child’s needs. At Dr. Toni’s office, we know the importance of optimal oral health and work with parents and children to achieve it. You will find our office to be multicultural and multi-lingual, with Dr. Toni speaking Chinese and staff members speaking additional languages. We also have a unique care perspective, as our doctor is a female pediatric dentist.

Our vision is to create a dental experience for families that demand superior care, quality and value. We believe that every personal contact must be conducted with gentle courtesy and true concern for our patients’ well-being and comfort.

Dr.Toni is a Pediatric Dental Specialist

Most dentists upon graduation from dental school have had some experience in working with pediatric patients. But many general dentists are less familiar and less comfortable with infants and toddlers. A pediatric dentist is someone who has achieved additional training in the field of pediatric dentistry and has acquired unique knowledge in areas such as child growth and development, child psychology, pharmacological, and behavioral management techniques, and much more. For younger children, behavioral management becomes critical in helping your children in overcoming their fears in seeing a dentist.

For older children and teens, the pediatric dentist can help identify early signs of dental crowding monitoring facial growth and profile, screening for anomalies in dental development, and identifying predisposing factors to TMJ problems in adolescents and adults. It may appear that a simple intraoral dental exam is the same for all dental practitioners, but the specific details in which a specialist are evaluating goes far beyond than just looking for cavities.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Pediatric dentist - Dr. Toni ChenPrevention
One of our biggest initiatives is to focus on prevention and educating parents and children about proper oral hygiene and preventative care. We see dentistry as an important part of your child’s overall health, thus we strive to provide valuable oral health education in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated and family-centered manner.

We have detailed recommendations for establishing good oral hygiene and dental care during your visits, so that your child will have healthy teeth and gums during the important developmental years. It is our experience that children who develop healthy dental habits early on will continue those habits through adulthood. This is especially important, due to the growing body of research linking periodontal health to other specific medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes, strokes and heart attacks in adults. Through education with a focus on prevention, we provide parents and children with the knowledge to maintain a healthy smile.

Oral Health Care
Restorative decisions for the primary dentition are driving by different goals and expectations than permanent teeth. Baby teeth are temporary dentition with known life expectancies of each tooth. By matching the appropriate restoration with the expected life span of the tooth, dentists can succeed in providing a “permanent restoration” that will never have to be replaced. We also believe that if dental restorations need to be completed, we want to restore it with a material that will last. We only use the best dental products, and offer tooth colored fillings (composite fillings) which are free of mercury.

State-of-the-art Technology

Reducing Radiation with Digital X-rays
We are committed to using the latest technology through digital imaging to ensure the highest quality radiographs. Digital radiography decreases the amount of radiation exposure by up to 50%. We also use digital x-rays to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals involved with film development.

X-rays and the Dental Diagnostic Process
X-rays are a vital and necessary part of your child’s dental diagnostic process. Cavities and other dental conditions may be missed without them. In fact, the small amount of radiation from dental x-rays represents a far smaller risk than undetected and untreated dental problems. Even though there is very little risk, our office is particularly careful in minimizing radiation exposure. Our state-of-the-art equipment filters out excess radiation and proper shielding with a lead apron assures that your child receives a minimal amount of radiation exposure. Today’s equipment filters out unnecessary x-rays and restricts the x-ray beam to only the area of interest.

We also attempt to reduce the frequency of radiation exposure by individually assessing every patient for his/her caries risk. For instance, an individual who has a very low caries risk (low liklihood of getting cavities) may not need x-rays every 6 months and will only need them once a year.

The Wand™ Anesthetic Machine
Wand machine - Dr. Toni ChenWe realize that children may be frightened or wary of getting an injection during dental appointments. To alleviate any fear or anxiety, we use a computerized anesthetic dispensing machine called “The Wand.” The Wand™ goes beyond the traditional needle and syringe. It has a handpiece shaped like a pen, which is much less frightening than a syringe. At the heart of this device is an on-board microprocessor that guides the anesthetic flow rate. The microprocessor inside The Wand™ automatically adjusts for your child, and the anesthetic is delivered at a constant pressure and volume so that the injection is hardly felt.

Exceptional Staff

At Dr. Toni’s dental office, we strive to provide superior dental care. This includes employing staff members that are friendly, caring, compassionate and exceptionally skilled. To ensure that our staff members are abreast of the latest techniques, procedures and dental information, we attend Continuing Education courses and seminars.

All our staff members are CPR certified, including our front office administrative staff. Our dental team have not only fulfilled the typical requirement to perform supportive dental procedures, but also engender a level of excellence we expect every staff member to uphold, so that we may provide the best service and care possible.

Superior Sterilization

Sterilization is a complex process requiring specialized equipment, adequate space, qualified dental personnel and regular monitoring for quality assurance. Instrument processing in particular requires multiple steps to achieve high-level disinfection.

Sterilization - Dr. Toni Chen Sterilization - Dr. Toni Chen Sterilization - Dr. Toni Chen

Safety is our number one concern, so our office goes beyond what is customary for instrument sterilization. We use a Class II medical grade instrument washer along with a steam sterilizer. Our office utilizes a combination of parameters for monitoring our sterilization techniques, including mechanical and biological. Weekly spore tests are completed to ensure that even the most resistant microorganisms are eliminated through our sterilization process.

As part of our dedication to provide superior dental care, our “clean” policy is evident by our open sterilization area. We implement a three step approach to ensure high-level sterilization, including dedicated counter space for receiving and decontamination, preparation and packaging, and finally sterilization and storage. We place special protective barriers and tapes are on all surfaces and equipment, which are removed and discarded in between every patient.

All the Other Intangible Things

Pediatric dentist Dr. Toni ChenTruly, the single most important thing in finding the right pediatric dentist for your child is finding an office which can suite you and your child’s needs. Because we strive to be the best at what we do, we’ve chosen to use the best dental materials, top of the line dental equipment, and quality staff. We understand and see if as a privilege that parents choose to bring their children to our office. In your dental visits, you’ll find the office to be:

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