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Meet Dr. Toni

Hi! I am Dr. Toni Chen, and I’m so proud to be able to serve the community which has always been my home. I grew up in San Marino and Arcadia, and graduated from Arcadia High School.
Education has always been really important to me, continuing into my undergraduate work at UCLA, where I got to work as an assistant in the dental department and even got some of my research published. One of my favorite memories from that time was outside of school – I got connected with some community programs that supported inner city children in academics, which helped reinforce my love for working with kids.
I pursued my dental education at USC, with two additional years of pediatric specialty training at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. After graduation, I couldn’t wait to return to my hometown and begin private practice.
A typical weekend for me involves trips to the farmer’s market, bike rides along the Santa Monica pier, playing tennis, and hikes along the Santa Anita trails. I also love to travel; my latest adventures involved a white water rafting trip with family and friends, and trips to Paris, Rome, Florence and Sienna. But after all that, my greatest joy really is coming to work on Monday – hope to see you here soon!

Meet the Team

Hanyd Miranda-Beal

Dentistry is my dream job – even after 27 years, it still brings me great joy to help people get healthy and stay safe. Outside of work, I love spending time with friends and family, especially my son (age 8). My favorite food is soup – literally any soup and I’m there.

Liz Solorzano

I’ve worked with Dr. Toni for 17 years. When I’m not at the office, I love baking, cleaning, or hanging out with family (2 kids and a bull mastif named “Rusty”). A perfect night would be a Taco Tuesday watching Bad Boys (for life).

Meilin Chen

I’m currently a biochemistry student at Cal Poly Pomona, with the goal of getting into dental school to become a dentist. In my free time, I love listening to music, swimming, and badminton, or gathering around the table for some Korean BBQ, hot pot, or tiramisu.

Lisa Ly

I enjoy snowboarding, spending time with family and friends, and the movie Tangled. My six years in this field have been so rewarding, and I always love coming home to my 2 dogs (Tofu and Sesame), and a meal of spring rolls or maybe hot pot.

Cindy Perez

I have a house full of love: 3 kids plus 2 dogs, “Honey” and “Milo”). Our family loves anything Disney, and loong movie nights (Infinity War + End Game – you can’t watch one without the other). Proud to bring my love for pizza WITH pineapple plus 17 years experience to this office.

Claire Carlos

I’m a coffee lover, Starbucks collector, and a mom of 20 month old golden retriever. I love to travel and do Starbucks hops at the same time. I started collecting Starbucks city mugs, tumblers, and cards since my college days. And now, my love for coffee and travel have been more enjoyable with the company of my spouse and our baby, Chase. Live and let live, life is beautiful ????

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