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Very few people are talking about this, but as dental professionals, we must be willing to speak up, especially when mouths are at risk.

In case you missed it, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air had an altercation with the zebra from Madagascar at the Oscars.

As a result, Will Smith has been issued a 10-year ban from the Academy of Motion Pictures – in dental terms, that equates to a term of approximately 20 checkups.

We hope this incident reinforces our commitment to non-violent alternatives to resolving conflict and protecting your teeth. For example, imagine a world where the fateful events on Oscar night had played out this way instead:

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There are many things we can take away from this experience that can help promote your dental health in the future. 

Two things we highly recommend:

  1. Get Will Smith’s wife’s name (and plaque) out your mouth.
  2. If anyone injures your mouth on national television, please come see us.